Trailer Parts

I have several trailer parts for sale.  They all came off of a 61 Shasta compact.
Why do I have so many parts you may ask?  Because I needed a lot of parts and this person needed to get rid of an entire trailer but only wanted to sell as a single lot. I got what I needed and this is what is left.

The stove:

Has all of its original parts including all of the burner grates knobs and rack. Not in great condition as the chrome could use some shining and the interior could be hit with some barkeepers friend. Still on original stand with the trim that was put on in the factory. Color is brown. $100

The Sink: This can be divided into just the parts you want but I would love to keep them all together. This is the original yellow with gold fleck countertop with the spout and hand pump. Includes the perfect under-mount sink and all of the trim. The faucet has some serious pitting.  This set up would not only be great in a Shasta Compact but also if you were building a tiny house.  $120 (that is the deal of the day my friends)

The IceBox: How fun to have an original icebox. It has its interior divider and the knob/button/ latch still works perfectly. Showing it’s age as it should probably be restored. This is still attached to the original cardboard insulation. $60

Paper: This is an old pamphlet about trailering in CA and a lot of old documents like registration stickers that were never applied and a map of the layout that has some mildew staining. Cool stuff if you are into old trailer ephemera. $25

Lights: I have 3 styles of lights.Over the lisence plate light,  Little round clear and Big round red. Still have original wiring. I cannot tell you if these work or have ever worked. Sold as is. I would probably just use them for the lenses and bezels if it were me.  Take them all for $150.

Eyebrows: All of them. New they run about $15 each. Selling these for $55 for all. 1101171028.jpg

Plates: 10 for both.  Vent cover $5  and the hammock $5 Mildewed fabric. This thing is incredibly heavy. I would not recommend shipping but you can pick up in Reno.

Exterior outlet. $10

That classic chevron handle: $10 1101171021.jpg

I also have the hooks that support the hammocks. There are 6 of them. I have no idea what these are worth.  5 bucks?