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My Recipe for Easy Hollandaise

0501181805aAs a teen-age girl I once laughed at someone who told me that making hollandaise  sauce was hard. I had been making it this simple way for years and it never fails.

My recipe for easy, no break, hollandaise, it is easy to remember, takes no special equipment, not even a whisk.


  • the juice of one lemon
  • one cold stick of salted butter (or un-salted if you have it, just add salt at the end to taste) A 4 oz standard US stick
  • 2 egg yolks


  • A fork
  • a small pot
  • a cooking surface that can be set to low


Directions:  Put your yolks into the pot and squeeze your lemon into the the pot, straining the seeds in your fingers. If some seeds get in, just fish them out with the fork. Whisk vigorously with your fork.


Set your stove to low, or if you are feeling confident 2,  and put on the pan. From here on out you cannot walk away. Your only job here is to stir. Yes you can throw an english muffin in the toaster at this point but it is going to need a little love to not turn into scrambled eggs.

Unwrap your stick of butter and divide in half. Stab your half stick with the fork and stir your eggy/lemon liquid with the butter. It will slowly melt. When that half is melted give it another rigorous whisking with that fork, just so it knows who’s the boss.0501181746a

Stab the other half and melt it in to what is probably looking pretty good. Once it has also melted you can do the happy dance but, take it off of the heat.  If it is too thin, continue to stir over the heat to thicken up. But never leave it alone on the heat.

It is SO simple right. You will never even think of eating it out of a packet again. (Disclaimer, this recipe contains undercooked eggs. I ate the packet kind when I was pregnant because of the risk associated with eating undercooked eggs.)

Tell me, what is your favorite thing to eat hollandaise on? Find out what mine is in the comments. And don’t forget to follow me so that you don’t miss out! Or post pictures of your creations using the hashtag #hollendaiseathome. I would love to see what you are proud of.