URGENT Save Lake Park

The City of Reno is threatening to fill in our beloved Lake Park pond. The pond is home to tons of wildlife 🐸🦉🦆🐥that would be negatively affected among many other issues it would create.
165651 to 650-600-9016 to #savelakepark
Thank you and PLEASE SHARE with your friends.

Our Deadline is June 17th

Elizabeth has taken the helm on this. Thank you Elizabeth. If you would like a phone number. Send me a message and I will get it to you.

Autumn Reeder

~Lake Park

Dear Neighbors,
Thanks to all of you for attending our meeting last Saturday.  I am immensely grateful to you for your commitment to preserving the lake and to our joint effort to improve the park as a whole. Some agreed to attend the NAB meeting at City Council Chambers at 6 pm on June 12th. Another is on the Board of Scenic Nevada and volunteered to bring our issues to that Board. Still others agreed to find the original documents which gifted the park to the city because we need to know those terms and conditions. Still others volunteered to make signs and alert passersby to join our effort and text code 165651to 650-600-9016  before the June 17th deadline. Many have called the Mayor’s office, city council members and legislators.  I have received a number of calls from neighbors who were not able to meet last Saturday but are concerned and willing to support preservation of the Lake.
You raised important issues: the value of the Lake’s water rights, the need ameliorate and aerate the lake, the beginning of a ‘wetland’ on the east side of the lake, preferences given to newer developments, the decline of the lake in relation to Rancho’s creation. faulty de facto notice of the survey, and the survey’s deficiencies. Expertise and experience in the group potentially allows us to work constructively with the city to improve the lake, not just leave it as is.
Changes have happened since we met.  Nevada Wildlife removed the remaining geese two mornings ago, roughly, according to those who witnessed the event.  Yesterday a park employee edged the sidewalk around the lake. A warden has been circling the lake today.
KOLO news called this evening and asked to speak with any who are able to meet tomorrow morning at 11:00 am. A representative will come to my house at
60 Anson Drive and also photograph the park. Please come if you are able.
I suggest we meet again next Saturday, June 9th, at noon, in Lake Park to see what we’ve accomplished and move forward.
Best to all,
Elizabeth Francis

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