The Counter-top Dilemma


A kitchen remodel. Now that I am living in the midst of a remodel, I totally get why someone always cries or becomes otherwise, insane. Not having a sink will do that to a person. As will wildly different prices and function between items.

1st place I look. Has beautiful quartz. Super nice dude too. Happy to help me and understands that I am the type of person that needs at least three different quotes before I commit as I cannot sleep if I don’t do my due diligence.

What causes the biggest fight in my house. I ask my husband to put down plywood so I can have a counter-top.. He sees it as a waste of money. I see it as needing to not want to kill everyone.  I get half of my wish. I get half of a plywood counter and I only want to kill them all, a little.

“That beautiful marble counter top, oh it will be fine in your kitchen. Yeah its only $400 per slab, you will need two.” When they say it that way it feels like a steal compared to the $600 quartz I picked out. And it is Marble. If that doesn’t say “Classy” then what will.

Installer. “Oh you do not want marble in a kitchen. Maybe a bathroom but it is too delicate for a kitchen. You will be so disappointed when it is ruined immediately. Best to go with granite.”

Me. ” Well I did originally have a quartz in mind.”

Installer: ” It will get ruined too. It will bubble if you ever think about putting your coffee pot on it. Buy granite.”

Me: ” um.. ok.”  Note: this was 3 days ago. I still haven’t gotten a quote from this guy. I don’t want granite.

I went back to the 1st place. Dragging my tail between my legs. “I hear I can’t have quartz. I will ruin it.”

1st place: ” not true. get what you like… Just stay away from marble.”

So.. they will be here Monday. I’ve kept 4 chickens, 2 dogs (debatable) and 2 kids alive this long. Let’s see if I can manage not to destroy a big flat rock.


Wish me luck… Check back Monday to see what happened.


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