A sweet year. Week 14

My new years resolutions have always been pretty simple and really more like fun personal challenges. The year I met Joe I had resolved to wear false eyelashes more often. One year I ate all of the unique flavors of chips I could find. (that one stuck). This year I started with “make dessert more.” It sounded lazy and not really interesting. So after many iterations it is this. Make 50 unique desserts, that I have never made from scratch, in one year.

Oh. And we are in March and I have had no oven this whole time. And I have little kids. 7 months and 3 and three-quarters.(her self-described age). And I have 2 jobs.

But. I love dessert and I feel like if I want dessert and I made it from scratch it seems worth it.

My step mom said, you should make a book. This is it Glenis, this is as good as it gets.

So it’s week 14.. At this point I should have 13 done to be on pace. I don’t. I have 10. some serious doubling up will have to happen. I’m not worried. I’ve always been good on a deadline.

0403171347aWhat have you learned so far, Autumn?

A lot!

I can get away with the same-ish items if I make different flavors.

Banana bread in the pressure cooker is like eating banana play-dough. (some people love it.)

Tapioca takes a whole day to make and is more of a mousse texture.

In really bad at folding in  egg whites but I’m getting better.

Let me know. What should I make?

0403171351And here is this week’s tapioca. I used the recipe on the back of the bag of tapioca. I figured that they probably have this on lock.

And they do. Success! It’s delicious and oh so fluffy.

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